Frequently asked questions

What services does digitalCounsels offer?

You may describe your case and we invite the right legal specialists from our network to submit a binding offer through the platform at a fixed price, with a cost ceiling or via open billing. So you will not only find the right lawyer, but you can also compare the offers, suggested solution approaches, and the ratings of lawyers. All this happens  online and in a short time. Upon acceptance of the offer, processing and invoicing are conveniently done online via the platform. Lawyer and client communicate, share files, and coordinate their tasks over the platform.

How does digitalCounsels work?

Tell us your request online. We will contact you personally on the same day and include further important information about your case. We will find the right lawyers from our network for you. You will receive offers free of charge from certified Swiss lawyers from our network, tailored to your needs and specialized in the area of ​​your legal problem. After accepting an offer, your lawyer will start processing the case immediately. You exchange messages and files with your lawyer through the platform. Invoicing and payment is done online. You always have full transparency about the accumulated costs.

What does digitalCounsels cost?

Our service is free for you, any request at digitalCounsels is also non-binding. This means that you will not incur any costs until you have accepted an offer from a lawyer. You will always have full cost control after the assignment, and you will see all the ongoing activities of your lawyer.

What are my benefits as a user of the digitalCounsels portal?

digitalCounsels has a broad-based network of trained specialists with relevant industry knowledge and experience. Through personal support, we can ensure that we invite only lawyers to the offer, which have the necessary technical and industry knowledge. You also get access to an online platform where you can easily manage your cases, collaborate and communicate directly with your lawyer, and control and pay all bills online.

Does digitalCounsels offer me a guarantee?

Our highest priority is that you find the right legal advice. If you are still not satisfied with the offers received, we will continue to search for you until you have found the right lawyer. In addition, we assist you during the mandate as an independent partner and ensure that the quality of legal services meets our standards.

Which information do I need to provide?

We will ask for your contact information. Furthermore, it would help us if you can already describe your inquiry as precisely as possible. All further details may be clarified with you directly by our legal specialists in a short phone call or via the messaging system on our platform.

How do I choose the right lawyer?

One of the biggest challenges in finding a lawyer is filtering out unsuitable lawyers who may not have the experience and expertise to efficiently solve complex issues in a specific legal field. The digitalCounsels’ network of lawyers consists of proven experts. The lawyers are audited and are in many cases only admitted to work in selected fields. Further, each request will be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure that only lawyers with the necessary expertise are invited to place offers.

How do the lawyers make the offering?

The invited lawyers can offer their advice on the platform at a fixed price or as an open accountas with or without a cost ceiling at an agreed hourly rate. You are welcome to post the preferred billing option in your request. The more accurately your request is described, the better lawyers can estimate their effort and offer a fixed price or cost cap. You will receive up to three offers and can choose the offer that suits you best.

Is the confidential treatment of information guaranteed?

All information and data are treated confidentially. The details of your request will be disclosed only to a few selected lawyers from the digitalCounsel for making the offer. After accepting an offer and conclusion of a mandate with the lawyer you selected, no other persons than the selected lawyer and the legal specialist of digitalCounsels supporting you with the mandate have access to your data. Your information will not be disclosed, shared or published to third parties. If there is a mandate with a lawyer, the information exchanged is generally protected by the client-attorney privilege. The attorney is exempt from the lawyer’s secrecy vis-à-vis digitalCounsels only in the scope of the execution of the mandate on the platform.

What about data privacy and data security?

Data protection and the secure storage of all data has the highest priority at digitalCounsels. All data is stored exclusively in a Swiss computer center. It has all the relevant certifications, including ISO 27001: 2013 and ISO 9001: 2015. Regular external audits and penetration tests ensure that our application and infrastructure are protected against attacks.

How can I pay?

digitalCounsels accepts major credit cards MasterCard, Visa and American Express.


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