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digitalCounsels wants to assist you in hiring a top contract lawyer to help you save time and money. Your lawyer supports you by reviewing, negotiating and revising complex legal agreements to ensure that you are legally on the safe side.

Contracts often have different lengths and structures and are usually peppered with difficult terms and clauses. Often people sign legal documents without having comprehensively clarified and understood the meaning and legal consequences which can ultimately lead to losing time and money.

For this reason it is essential that you have your contracts reviewed by lawyers who go through all the terms and conditions and, if necessary, develop additional clauses that meet your specific needs and to protect the interests of your company at a reasonable cost.

With digitalCounsels you can easily hire a first-class lawyer without breaking your budget. Upload your contract on the platform in a few easy steps and get free quotes from attorneys who can help you today. All information and documents are always treated confidentially and are only disclosed to the lawyers who are invited to submit an offer.

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Why hire a lawyer for contract review?

Contract law is central to your business. Whether you are a startup or have been on the market for decades, a lawyer who is familiar with contract law takes you one step further. Typical contracts include:

  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Framework Agreements
  • Cooperation Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Employment Agreements
  •  Shareholder Agreements
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Agency Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements

Each of these types of contracts is necessary when it comes to running a business. Therefore, you need an experienced lawyer who will guide you safely through the legal aspects of a contract.

Contract law is part of the daily business. Negotiating and concluding contracts between suppliers or contractors leads to a smooth operation. If you do not hire a lawyer who is familiar with contract law and related legal issues, this can lead to too high a cost impact too quickly. Breach of contract or invalid contracts are both scenarios that you want to avoid as far as possible.

Remember, the most important reason to hire a competent business lawyer is to protect the rights of business owners.

For an entrepreneur it is often a difficult task to estimate when a lawyer should be called in. Some tasks that you can do without the help of a legal advisor may include:

  • Write a business plan
  • Founding of a corporation (here at digitalCounsels for a fixed price)
  • Research and define company names
  • Apply for VAT number
  • Hire employees

Managers can do even more tasks themselves, but only if they feel safe. Further legal tasks require the help of an experienced business lawyer unless you have many years of experience in this area. Some examples include:

  • Litigation against former employee
  • Proceedings with authorities about business practices
  • Special allocation of profits or losses
  • Negotiating the sale of your business or assets
  • Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions

Another reason for hiring a a contract lawyer is the avoidance of complex legal situations. If you solve legal issues before they become a big problem, you minimize the risk of potential lawsuits.

You do not need a lawyer for every problem. However, knowing someone by your side who fights for you will save you from sleepless nights.

A business lawyer is a valuable asset for getting advice or solving legal matters. For example, your lawyer can give you suggestions on what tactic to use during a contract negotiation. He can also give you crucial inputs for better contracts with suppliers and customers.

How to find the best lawyer for contracting

Finding a good business lawyer or contract lawyer is not easy. Usually you wish to find a lawyer who is  reasonably priced, knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Ask for work experience

One of the biggest problems in finding a lawyer is filtering out generalists without particular knowledge in contract law. Many of these lawyers say that they deal with commercial and contract law. However, it might be the case that this is one small area in which they are active. Because such lawyers are not regularly and specifically dedicated to business law, they may not have the experience and expertise to work out complex business deals.

The lawyer network at digitalCounsels consists of proven experts. The lawyers are audited and some are only admitted to work in selected subject areas. We also ensure that your inquiries are reviewed by a lawyer to ensure that the right lawyers are invited to submit an offer.


  • Read testimonials

Lawyers are business people. They will not reject a mandate if it can be carried out. However, that does not mean that they are qualified to advise your company for example. Testimonials can give you insight into past orders and customer satisfaction. In this way you can find out in which fields the lawyer has already worked successfully. If the lawyer does not have the expertise you expect, better continue searching.

  • Price options

For the legal support of a lawyer different pricing options may be suitable, such as hourly rates with or without cost ceiling, fixed rates, or open account. Long contracts or complex issues that are more time consuming  cost more. Remember that a high price does not always mean that you get better performance. However, do not be afraid to opt for a high-budgeted mandate.

Questions to a business lawyer

No matter what industry you are in, you need a business lawyer to take care of your business affairs. Make sure you consider these questions.

  • Where are disputes resolved?

If there is a legal dispute, it is of great importance at which place is the place of jurisdiction. If you have signed a contract with a company in which the jurisdiction is in French-speaking Switzerland or in Ticino, you will not only have to accept the long journey to the court, but you will have to pay additional costs for running the process in French or Italian. If you conclude contracts with foreign contractors, a foreign legal system may also be applied in addition to the foreign jurisdiction. To avoid these pitfalls, ask your lawyer which jurisdiction and choice of law shall be agreed on. This saves money on travel and attorney fees.

  • Which contracts do I need?

Before starting your business, you should consult a lawyer to understand which contracts you need. Most give you this information for free or at minimal cost. Among other things this helps to reduce the risk of future disputes, to promote the timely payment of customers, and to establish advantageous relationships with employers. It is always better to conclude more contracts than necessary. It is therefore an advantage to have a lawyer who can handle these tasks.

  • What are my risks?

A good business lawyer does the tasks assigned to him. An outstanding lawyer goes one step further and takes proactively into account any legal risks related to the proposed business activities. By reviewing your business plan, the documents and contracts you need can be created. Ideally, aspects such as insurance or future business activities should be proactively considered. With a risk analysis of your business activity you can minimize future legal costs.

  • Who will do my job?

If you choose a small law firm or solicitor, it is likely that the person you are in touch with will take over your job. If you hire a larger law firm, ask at the beginning who will take over your work. Many large law firms hand over routine tasks to their junior employees. Although these lawyers have a good education, they may lack the experience to solve more complex issues. This can sometimes lead to problems. To avoid this scenario, first agree with your lawyer who will do the work for your company.

  • Does the lawyer have already customers in the same industry?

With this question you can clarify two important points. On the one hand, you can find out if the lawyer has gained experience with the industry-specific legal aspects. Industry knowledge is a big advantage. Lawyers with experience in this area simplify communication and have the specific expertise and documents you need.

On the other hand, this question helps you to identify potential conflicts of interest. If a lawyer represents a competitor in your industry, he may not be the best choice for the job. There is an ethical code in this regard.

  • Advising vs. forensics

Remember that there are two types of business lawyers. Consulting lawyers design and review legal documents for entrepreneurs. Litigators solve disputes with other parties. Finding a lawyer with experience in both areas is one option. However, for some companies it is a better idea to find a different lawyer for every aspect.

  • Mediation and arbitration

Before a contract is breached, there is a way out of bad business relations through dispute resolution. During dispute resolution, your lawyer designs documents that guide you through the process. The lawyer may also act as a referee or mediator.


  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • SaaS Contracts
  • Termination Agreements
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Compensation Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • and many more


The costs vary depending on the type and length of the contract, the attorney fees and the desired processing time.

Some lawyers can offer their advice for the review and negotiation of contracts from CHF 220 per hour.

For advice in special areas, such as e.g. licensing agreements the fees may increase up to CHF 500 per hour while various types of privacy agreements and negotiations may be offered at a fixed price.

We are aware that your situation is unique. That is why digitalCounsels provides tailored offers from selected lawyers. Choose the offer that best suits you and your budget.


What types of agreements should I be concerned about as an SME?

An SME must take into account of a large number of agreements and contracts in order to protect its interests. If the company has already been founded, you are probably looking for employees. In this case you will need employment contracts, freelance contracts and any confidentiality agreements that protect your intellectual property.

Without knowing what stage your business is in, it is difficult to predict which contracts you need. It is best to get in touch with digitalCounsels and seek for advice.

On the internet I find many sites offering free legal documents. Do I still need a lawyer to look at the document?

Yes, although many free legal documents are well designed, you should have them proofread by a lawyer who can tailor them to your specific needs.

Many of the legal documents that you see online have very general provisions that often fail to take into account your unique situation.

digitalCounsels offers a large number of contracts including legal advice at a fixed price. By discussing your exact needs together with a digitalCounsels lawyer, he or she will be able to create or revise the contract to meet your personal needs.

Our selected contract lawyers with many years of experience can help you  on demand and your company can be sure that your legal agreements will fully protect you. From shareholder agreements and letters of intent to convertible notes, compensation agreements and many others – we are there for you.

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