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digitalCounsels has a broad-based network of trained specialists with knowledge and experience in blockchain and financial market law

Congratulations on your decision to implement a blockchain project! You have an exciting journey ahead of you, but also a few hurdles to overcome. A first stumbling block lies in the company foundation. Before you set up your initial coin offering (ICO), you must meet the legal and regulatory requirements. Here it is important to clarify the possibilities for a legally sound implementation of your project.

At digitalCounsels we want to help you to implement your project in blockchain technology as efficiently as possible.

We have a large network of experienced, independent lawyers to help you with any legal issues surrounding your TGE (Token Generating Event).

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Why engage a specialist lawyer?

Financial law experts can help you choose the right legal structure for your planned ICO. Once the legal form of the company has been determined, your lawyer will help to determine the purpose of the company and check whether the planned business activity requires any official approvals from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as a securities dealer, bank or fund. Furthermore, the lawyer will be able to review your white paper and help to adapt the structure to meet the regulatory requirements.

How do I choose the right lawyer?

How do I find the right lawyer?

There are only a handful of lawyers who have the necessary experience in financial market law, securities law, corporate law and tax law to successfully advise you. We recommend that you consider the following questions when choosing:

What are my risks?

A good lawyer takes proactively into account any legal risks related to the planned business activities. Reviewing your business plan and white paper will help you to create the documents and contracts you need. Ideally, aspects such as insurance or future business activities should be proactively taken into account. With a risk analysis of your business you can minimize future legal costs.

Who will do my job?

If you choose a small law firm or attorney, it is likely that the person you are interviewing will do the work for you. When you hire a larger law firm, it is advisable to ask who will do the work. Many large law firms hand over a substantial part of the tasks to their junior employees. Although these lawyers have a good education, they may sometime lack the experience to solve more complex issues. This might lead to problems. In order to avoid this, it is best to discuss with your lawyer who will do the work for your company.

Has the lawyer already legally accompanied ICOs?

With this question you can clarify two important points. On the one hand you can find out if the lawyer is familiar with the crypto-legal aspects.

On the other hand this question helps you identify potential conflicts of interest. If a lawyer represents a competitor in your industry, he may not be the best choice for the job. There is an ethical code in this regard.

Experience in financial market law

Lawyers with specialization in banking, financial market and capital markets law ensure that their clients comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in the area of ​​financial market regulation. If you want to be active in the financial market you must first clarify whether an activity subject to a license is to be carried out.

Experience in tax law

Although you do not need a tax lawyer, a business lawyer with tax experience is a clear advantage. He can give you tips on how to limit your tax liability. Even if the lawyer is not directly involved with taxes it is beneficial to have a legal opinion next to the accountant’s.

Ask about the professional experience

One of the challenges when looking for a lawyer is filtering out unsuitable lawyers who may not have the experience and expertise to efficiently solve complex issues in a specific legal field.

The lawyer network at digitalCounsels consists of proven experts. We also ensure that the right lawyers are invited for placing an offer.

Another way to find the right lawyer is to ask for previous employers. The largest law firms attract the best law students. If you see a big name in the CV, that’s probably a sign that this candidate is a good option, but not a guarantee of good performance at a favourable price.

Read testimonials

Lawyers are business people. They will not reject a mandate if it can be carried out. However, that does not mean that they are qualified to advise your company for example. Testimonials can give you insight into past orders and customer satisfaction. In this way you can find out in which fields the lawyer has already worked successfully. If the lawyer does not have the expertise you expect, better continue searching.

Pricing options

The lawyer fees vary depending on the scope and complexity of the mandate, the attorney fees and the desired processing time.

We are aware that your situation is unique. That is why digitalCounsels provides tailored offers from selected lawyers. Choose the offer that best suits you and your budget.

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