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Founding a joint stock company for CHF 699.-

With a joint stock corporation you are committed to a solid performance - right from the start. Found a company online with digitalCounsels with no hidden costs or forfeits for only CHF 699.-.

At an unbeatable fixed price
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Founding a company in three steps

Accompanied submission

With our platform we guide you step by step through the founding process.

Deposit money & authenticate signatures

For notarization, our notary needs a passport copy from each founder as well as a certified signature on the power of attorney. In addition, the start-up capital must be deposited with a bank or savings bank on a blocked account in the name of the company to be established.

Register company

After we have completed in your name the certification of the founding act, we provide you with all original documents of incorporation and you can register the company in the commercial register at the registered office of the company.

Your advantages

Clear and intuitive

We accompany you through the entire founding process. You can follow the current status at any time in your online account.

Tested quality by Swiss lawyers

Our team of experienced start-up lawyers is available around the clock.

Low costs through digitization and automation

Thanks to our digital founding platform, we can offer you the founding including certification at an unbeatable price.

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Founding a joint stock company
699.- CHF
Founding documents
All documents for the registration
Share register
DC support
Certification by our notary
Founding a joint stock company including counseling
899.- CHF
Founding documents
All documents for the registration
Share register
DC support
We check your details
Certification by our notary
Incl. one hour counseling

Do you have anymore questions?

Before the foundation
For the formation of a corporation with money as a deposit, the money must be paid before its foundation in a blocked account with a bank or savings bank on behalf of the company to be founded. The company name on the deposit confirmation must be absolutely identical to the company name at the foundation. Before you open a blocked account, there are some points to consider when choosing the company name.
How do I choose the company name?
A company name must not cause any illusions, must be true and must not violate the public interest. Likewise, it is not allowed to choose the company name from just one descriptive word that characterizes the business. The "Inkasso GmbH" would therefore be inadmissible, the "Kocher Inkasso AG" accordingly correct. Fantasy names are fine if the legal form is included in the company name, e.g. Fast snail AG. If a family name is integrated in the company name in an AG, it must also have a direct relationship with the company. This name can be kept even if the person should leave the company. Even if you want to make a regional statement in the name of your company, there are some limitations. So you can only make a regional designation that is directly related to your company. Further instructions and instructions for the company name can be found here.
Our service
Based on the information provided by you, we will create the following individual documents for you: Certificate, standard statutes of the Handeslregisteramt Zürich, commercial register registration, share register, Lex Friedrich & Stampa declaration, powers of attorney with subscription certificate. Once we have received from you the capital payment confirmation and for each founder the power of attorney with certified signature and passport copy, our notary will carry out the certification of the founding. In the following we will provide you with all documents for registration. Not included in the price of CHF 699.- is the consultation and constitution of the purpose of the company, the name of the company or other legal or tax consultancy. Third party costs for signatures and registration in the commercial register of approx. CHF 700.- to 900.- are to be paid by yourself.
Founding process
Our digital platform will guide you step by step through the founding process. Throughout the process a founding expert is assigned to you, whom you can always write to in your account.
Blocked account
Upon establishment, a blocked account must be opened with a Swiss bank or savings bank. This is a bank account on which the capital of the resulting company is deposited until it is entered in the commercial register. A capital deposit receipt will be issued and the money will remain in the blocked account until the company's founding has been published in the Commercial Register. For the opening of a blocked account at a bank, the person who has signed the application must obtain a certified copy of the identity card or signature. Allow plenty of time, opening a blocked account can take a few days. After the publication of the company founding in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce, the money is transferred to the business account of the company and the blocked account is dissolved. The transfer will be made at the earliest on the first working day following publication in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce. The payment of the capital by the bank takes place on presentation of an extract of the commercial register in original or in a certified copy, from which the registration of the enterprise emerges.
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